Professional Services

Wildlife Safety Audits & Policy Development – Work Site & Camp Design

Wildlife Encounters Ltd. conducts detailed onsite wildlife safety audits for each client’s remote locations. Designed for your work sites, we compile and deliver a Predator Conflict Management Plan (PCMP), or in some instances a more comprehensive Worksite Wildlife Management Plan (WWMP). Written plans address observations & recommendations, and offer accountability measures for Best Management Practices (BMPs) around managing attractants, operating protocols, worker behaviour, worksite protocols/policies, compliance, and wildlife security. Wild Encounters Ltd. can also assist with implementation.

Wildlife Awareness & Bear Defense Training

With a focus on avoidance and non-lethal bear and other predator conflict solutions, Wild Encounters Ltd. currently offers three training courses:

Bear Awareness & Safety Training
A 2-module training session focusing on bear species identification, ecology, behaviours, tips on how to avoid wildlife conflicts, encounters, defining defensive and predatory attacks, and how to use pepper spray. Training includes theory, practical hands-on training, and each participant receives a canister of pepper spray with a holster.

Industrial Predator Awareness, Conflict Management & Safety Training
In-depth 4-module training session addressing Alberta’s top five predators. Training includes species identification, ecology, and behaviours; avoiding wildlife conflicts; industry considerations & regulatory requirements, managing attractants, understanding defensive and predatory attacks, encounters & response, understanding & using non-lethal deterrents (i.e. noise & pepper spray), and the bear safety response matrix. Sessions include theory, practical hands-on training, and each participant receives a bear defense kit.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course
A full day course covering non-restricted firearms components, safety, ammunition, handling, storage, transportation, and more.


Wildlife Defense Supply Sales & Rentals

Wild Encounters Ltd. supplies Industry with a complete inventory of predator and other wildlife defense tools and materials including:

  • Bear Deterrents
  • Pyrotechnics (Scare Cartridges)
  • Electric Fencing
  • Staying Safe in Bear Country Video

1434783518_pdfClick PDF for complete inventory list

Wildlife Hazard Assessments

With the growing number of predatory and other problem wildlife, companies and private landowners are also experiencing an increase in the frequency of wildlife conflicts. Whether workers, livestock, or property is perceived to be at risk, risk assessment is an important due-diligence measure. Wild Encounters’ experienced staff will conduct a thorough evaluation of problem wildlife issues. Depending on the circumstance and magnitude of the site, assessments may include site tours, GPS mapping, kill-site, track and scat assessment, to incident review, and recommending mitigating measures and proposing solutions.

Wildlife Monitoring

Worker safety is a priority. When workers are preoccupied with potential wildlife threats, they are unable to do their jobs effectively. When bears, cougars, wolves or other problem wildlife appear on a regular basis, companies require dedicated monitors to be on site to address wildlife sightings as they occur. Wild Encounters places professional staff on work sites to monitor, assess, and address problem wildlife issues in accordance with regular protocols. Monitoring services are conducted in compliance with the Alberta Wildlife Act and in direct communication with government authorities.

Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) & Cougar Hound Services

Many companies working in remote areas experience problem wildlife such as bears or cougars. Negative conditioning, or hazing, is one tool that is effectively used to deter wildlife from returning to the site. Wild Encounters can dispatch handlers and their dogs to address these issues.